.5 Points:

  • Update/revise course outlines
  • Monitor and train tutors who support our classes
  • Mentor new faculty
  • Participate in preparing accreditation report as a committee member
  • Serve on Accreditation Oversight Committee
  • Serve on CTE advisory committee
  • Attend division meetings regularly
  • Attend department meetings for departments that meet regularly
  • Assess course or program SLO’s

1 Point:

  • Evaluate adjunct faculty
  • Evaluate tenured faculty
  • Serve on Division Evaluation Committee
  • Write proposals for department, division, or college projects/grants
  • Write new course outline/develop new course
  • Serve on the District Academic Senate Governing Council
  • Advise a college-approved student club
  • Serve on Flex Planning Committee
  • Serve on Professional Development Committee
  • Serve on District/Campus Participatory Governance Committee
  • Serve on Institutional Effectiveness Committee
  • Develop and/or lead 3 or more skills workshops led in Learning Center
  • Supervise Independent Study or research of one student
  • Serve on other district/campus standing committee
  • Serve on the planning committee of, or prepare academic content for, a college-wide annual event
  • Serve on a college Evaluation Guidance Committee

2 Points:

  • Serve on scholarship committee
  • Serve on college Academic Senate
  • Write program review
  • Degree/certificate creation and submission
  • Serve on FT faculty or administration hiring committee <50 applicants

3 Points:

  • Develop and assess plans for state-mandated initiatives
  • Serve as department lead
  • Serve on Curriculum Committee/Committee on Instruction
  • Athletic or arts performance off-campus program promotion, transportation to student competitions or performances, outreach to high schools
  • Coordinate program
  • Accreditation Committee Chair
  • Serve on FT faculty or administration hiring committee 50 – 100 applicants
  • Serve on tenure review committee

4 Points:

  • Serve on FT faculty or administration hiring committee >100 applicants