Part-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty FAQs

Do I get disability?   Yes, disability withholding will appear on your paycheck.  The current rate is at 1%.

How do I calculate office hour pay?   Part-time faculty members are compensated for office hours during Fall and Spring semesters based on one (1) office hour for every three (3) FLCs, which for lecture classes is the equivalent of 1 hour for every 3 hours taught.

If you have been assigned an office space, your syllabi should reflect actual office hour availability to meet with students. For part-timers without assigned office space, the syllabi should indicate how and when students can reach you for assistance, by providing e-mail and phone contact information.

Is there compensation for flex time for part-timers?  You are paid for flex time. According to the AFT 1493 Contract language found in Article 7.11.2, in addition to participating in district or college-sponsored flex activities, a part-time faculty member who is assigned to teach on a day of the week that has been designated as flex can either participate in District-sponsored Flex activities or elect to participate in a college-approved flex activity on an alternative day. In either case, the part-timer should submit a timesheet to get compensated up to the number of hours they would otherwise work that day.

A part-time faculty member who does not ordinarily teach on a day designated as flex can participate in District-sponsored Flex activities and submit a timesheet to receive compensation for up to 5 hours per Flex day.

What about committee work — should I do it?  Some committee assignments offer reassigned time or stipends for part-timers, meaning that they are compensated.  Others do not, and should be considered volunteer work. Adjuncts should ask their dean or the committee chair to find out whether a committee assignment offers compensation for their time.

There is no guarantee that working on committees will lead to other opportunities, such as being hired full-time.  Some part-time faculty members participate in committee work based on their departmental or curricular interests.

What health benefits are available?

Part-timers who have an assignment of at least 40% are eligible for a medical reimbursement stipend to offset health insurance premium payments. The stipend is currently $3305 per semester.

You must first pay the premiums (and save the receipts), then get them reimbursed by the District. Look for an email from George Sampior at District HR near the end of the semester inviting you to submit receipts. More information, and the form to submit a request for reimbursement, is available here:

Who should I contact in case of final exam conflicts?  Contact your Dean or Manager.

How do I obtain a key or a parking pass?  Apply through your Dean’s office and they will obtain a key and/or parking pass for you.

Other questions?  Talk to your colleagues, your Dean’s office, your Union Chapter Chair(s) or Part-Time Rep. or contact Marianne Kaletzky, AFT Executive Secretary, at or 650.416.6339.


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