Part-Time Faculty Seniority

What you need to know:  As a part-time faculty member in SMCCCD, you earn seniority, and seniority lists are established and maintained in each Division of each college.  Part-time faculty with more seniority (as defined in the Union Contract, Article 19.2) will be assigned to classes before part-time faculty with less seniority in cases where there is more part-time faculty than classes to fill.

Seniority applies to Fall and Spring semesters. Hiring for Summer sessions is at the discretion of the Division Dean.

Seniority lists are posted in Division workplace offices by your Dean or Manager.  They are also kept in the AFT 1493 office if you prefer to check there or in the event the list has not been posted in your Division office.

How to stay qualified: You must request class assignments from the appropriate administrator (Division Dean or Manager) before each semester.  If you request an assignment for three consecutive semesters but do not receive it, you will not lose your spot on the seniority list.  However, after five consecutive semesters of requesting and not receiving an assignment, you will be removed from the seniority list.

You must also have received two consecutive satisfactory evaluations or have taught for six consecutive semesters with no negative evaluations to retain your place on the seniority list.

When these conditions are met, administration will make reasonable efforts to fill your request for class assignments with the same or similar class load as your previous assignments.

What to do if no class is available:  If classes are reduced, your Dean or Manager will discuss the reasons for reduction with you.  Written confirmation of this reduction, with specific reasons explaining why you did not receive a class assignment, will be provided by request.  If anything seems unclear about the process, don’t hesitate to call the AFT 1493 Office, 650-574-6649, or consult your Chapter Chair(s).