Committee On Political Education (COPE)

Dear AFT Member:

In 1996, Local 1493 established its own Committee On Political Education (COPE) chapter. The San Francisco Bay Area Educators Credit Union handles the monthly contributions that our chapter receives from its COPE members.

We will make expenditures from our COPE account for local Board candidates and/or statewide propositions and initiatives. Law prohibits us from using local COPE monies on Federal issues and candidates.

It is difficult for teachers to influence elections in our county, but it can be done — with mailers, signs, and advertising — all of which requires money! In Fall 1993, prior to the establishment of our COPE fund, we assisted our two endorsed Board candidates in amassing over 40,000 votes each, which, unfortunately, was not quite enough to win. Subsequently, our COPE funds enabled us to mount a much more aggressive campaign for our three endorsed Board candidates in the November, 1995 election. We were successful! Two of our three endorsed candidates were elected! In 1997, we helped elect a third faculty-friendly, COPE-endorsed candidate to the Board. In 1999, an incumbent, whom we had not previously endorsed, sought and received the endorsement of our COPE chapter, and was successfully elected. Thus, we currently have four COPE-endorsed Trustees on our Board!

Please enable us to continue this success in future campaigns. Join us by making a relatively painless, monthly contribution, via a deduction of $5, $10, $20 (or more, if possible) to our San Francisco Bay Area Educators Credit Union COPE account.

Only AFT 1493 COPE members (contributors) will have the right to vote on which candidates, propositions or initiatives our COPE chapter will endorse. This is one way in which you can influence decisions that affect all of us.

Please fill out the yellow Credit Union deduction form. (If you already have a regular deduction for this credit union, be sure to add that amount to the amount you want used for COPE.) Please also fill out the pink COPE authorization form, and return them both to the AFT office at CSM 15-131, or call us at x6491 if you would like more information. Thank you.

In solidarity,

Dan Kaplan
Executive Secretary, AFT Local 1493