Below is a special invitation from Suji Venkataraman and Annie Corbett, SMCCD adjunct faculty members who will be facilitating a safe space for adjuncts only as part of our union’s broader
Teach-In:Social Justice Unionism in Practice: From Part-Time Parity to Anti-Oppression Organizing,”  Thursday, September 10th, from noon to 3 p.m., on Zoom.
The adjunct safe space will take place from 2 to 3 p.m.

A full schedule of events is here. Please register here to receive Zoom links for all the sessions.

Dear fellow Adjuncts,

As fellow adjuncts and AFT 1493 members, we (Annie Corbett and Suji Venkataraman) would like to invite you all to this unique opportunity to share our experiences as adjuncts. This conversation container is purposely termed as ‘safe space’  as this is an adjunct led space for just our adjuncts.

As an adjunct, we have unique stories to share; some of these stores are sometimes not heard at all. The stories might be about pay, childcare, health coverage, full-time position, freeway travelers teaching at more than two colleges to pay our bills, or just having fun being an adjunct and many more. Many times, one is not aware of the real stories experienced by adjuncts.  Your facilitators, Suji and Annie, are adjuncts like you all, and we are inviting you to join us to participate in some heart to heart conversations about our experiences as an adjunct. This space is intentionally led to provide time, support, so we, as adjuncts, can listen to each other’s stories, find commonalities in our stories, so we can collectively share our expectations as adjuncts to the larger community, the District, and of course, our AFT. Did you know that SMCCD has 70% adjunct faculty vs. full-time, so join us, so that together, our strong, powerful voices can be heard to make change happen!

Please register for the Safe Space by 10am on September 10, as we need to ensure that only adjunct faculty attend this session.