November 2020 Advocate: Complete the AFT faculty survey on the new Covid MOU

Final reminder: Please complete the AFT faculty survey on the new Covid MOU

Our AFT Negotiating Team is preparing to bargain a new MOU for Spring 2021. This is the final reminder to please fill out our anonymous faculty survey by 5 p.m. today, Tuesday, October 27th. By completing the survey you’ll provide AFT with valuable information to help improve the new MOU so that its provisions will better support you and your students.

We would especially like to know if there are specific issues you have faced since the pandemic began. Examples of significant concerns we are aware of include: excessive workload in online instruction due to technological issues or to excessive class size; extra time required to address individual students’ technical, socio-economic or emotional issues; lack of adequate work time due to dependent care and schooling responsibilities; and the impact of virtual learning on student engagement.

We want to hear how these and other pandemic-related issues have affected you, and to gather your suggestions for addressing these issues as we create the new Spring 2021 MOU. Your participation will allow AFT to present an accurate, detailed and timely picture of faculty working conditions during Covid-19 to our district negotiators.

Almost all questions in the survey can be answered with yes or no. We have also offered space to provide further explanation if you want to. Please feel free to provide explanations for some questions and not others, or to skip the explanations.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey.