Dec. 2014 Advocate – Negotiations Update

Negotiations Update

Negotiations continue on medical caps & language on part-time employment & full-time teaching

negotiations1-webAFT 1493’s negotiating committee has been meeting with the District’s negotiators with the goals of increasing medical caps for both full-time and part-time faculty, strengthening language for part-time employment and improving language for full-time teaching assignments. No agreements have been reached as of December 1.
AFT initially proposed an increase in the part-time faculty’s medical reimbursement from $600 to $1800 per semester, but so far, the District has only agreed to go up to $800.
For full-time faculty, AFT’s initial proposal was to increase monthly medical caps $100 (for individuals), $150 (for 2-party) and $200 (for 3+).  At this point, the District’s offer is $50/$75/$100, which has already been agreed to by CSEA and AFSCME.
Negotiations on improved language for part-time employment and for full-time teaching assignments has been slow. The District has rejected several AFT proposals to improve part-time employment rights, and so far has only agreed to post seniority lists in division offices. On full-time assignment rights, the District has not accepted any AFT proposal, except to put in writing an explanation of why a faculty member’s request was not honored. In exchange for the faculty assignment language, the District wants language on the rights of administrators to teach classes
The AFT will provide negotiations updates when there is more to report.