Letter to Board of Trustees & Interim Chancellor re Class size minimums

Posted May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023 Dear Board of Trustees and Chancellor Moreno, Thank you for hearing us out on the topic of class size minimums, Board Policy 6.04, last night. We came out in the middle of finals week because this matter is extremely important to us, faculty and students alike. This week, Monday through Wednesday, AFT […]

Letter/petition opposing increasing class size minimum from Skyline College Kababayan learning community to Interim Chancellor & Board

Posted May 25, 2023

May 24, 2023 To Dr. Melissa Moreno, Interim Chancellor, and the SMCCCD Board of Trustees: Yesterday afternoon, the students in English 104 AK: Applied English Skills in Cultural Production a.k.a “the Pilipino Cultural Night class,” were informed by their professor, Dr. Liza Erpelo, that today on Wednesday, May 24, the Board of Trustees for the […]

SMCCCD Enrollment, Faculty & Revenue Trends Over Last Decade

Posted August 28, 2022

SMCCCD Enrollment, Faculty & Revenue Trends Over Last Decade Over the last decade or so, our district enrollment has declined significantly as have our number of part-time faculty. The number of full-time faculty has increased by about a dozen over the same period. Meanwhile our district’s annual revenues have risen dramatically, from $113.8 million in […]

Problem-solving process

Posted February 6, 2021

Problem-solving process: What to expect Level 0 You will explain the issue to your campus grievance chair and identify the best ways to remedy the issue. Your campus grievance chair may reach out to appropriate administrators to explain the issue and the remedy you desire. You may have a conversation with administrators to find a […]

Workplace Issues

Posted February 6, 2021

Workplace issue? Contact your campus grievance chair! Do you think that something about your assignment, working conditions, or compensation may violate the contract between AFT and the District? Maybe something has changed recently and you’re not sure if your new situation is in keeping with the contract. Maybe you have a sense something isn’t quite […]