Six faculty union leaders from other community college districts spoke briefly to the SMCCCD Board of Trustees on Wednesday, June 28, to explain how their districts had agreed to provide their part-time faculty the same healthcare coverage as their districts’ full-time faculty, with full funding from the state under AB 190.  (For details, see CFT’s FAQ on healthcare coverage for adjunct faculty mandated under AB 190 funding or Chancellor’s Office explanation)

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Linda Sneed, long-time adjunct faculty member in the Los Rios Community College District explained that her district enthusiastically agreed to provide part-time faculty healthcare funded by the state under AB 190 beginning in Spring 2023


James McKeever, President of LA Faculty Guild, explained that LA Community College District (largest community college district in US) agreed to provide adjunct faculty with loads of at least .33 the same healthcare coverage as full-time faculty and LACCD will receive more money back from the state than they currently get

Karen Chan, Executive Director of W. Valley/Mission Federation of Teachers, reported that the W. Valley/Mission District has agreed to pay adjunct faculty 82% parity and to provide adjunct faculty with the same CalPERS health benefits they provide to full-time faculty (fully funded by the state under AB 190)

Claire Thorasen, adjunct faculty member at Cabrillo College and on the union negotiating team, reported that the Cabrillo District has also agreed to provide their adjunct faculty with the same healthcare coverage as their full-time faculty, following the AB 190 guidelines to enable them to be fully reimbursed by the state

Kate Disney, President of the W. Valley/Mission Fed. of Teachers, explained that their district, like SMCCCD, is a Basic Aid district that provides health benefits through CalPERS, and encouraged the SMCCCD Board to work collaboratively with AFT 1493 to move to provide equitable health benefits to adjunct faculty

Malaika Finkelstein, CCSF adjunct instructor and member of AFT 2121 bargaining team, reported that CCSF has also agreed to provide fully equitable health benefits to their part-time faculty at no cost to the district and also explained that CCSF Trustees regularly speak with union reps. (even during negotiations) and that it is incumbant on elected officials to listen to their constituents to receive the full information needed to make appropriate decisions

Also watch:

AFT 1493 President Monica Malamud, providing corrections to misinformation about PT healthcare funding given by SMCCCD administrators at the previous Board meeting


AFT 1493 Co-Vice President Katharine Harer, emphasizing the Trustees’ responsibilty to provide healthcare to the District’s adjunct faculty



Districts that have agreed to provide equitable healthcare to adjunct faculty 

The following 12 California community college districts have already agreed to provide equitable healthcare to adjunct faculty funded by the state under AB 190.