Feb. 2017 Advocate: SMCCCD Faculty at Women’s Marches


SMCCCD faculty turn out for Women’s Marches

Below are some of the many SMCCCD faculty and staff who joined one of the Women’s Marches that began the movement to resist unjust, inequitable and discriminatory policies and actions of the new Washington administration.

AFT 1493 will be working to build the resistance movement along with the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) at the state level, the AFT nationally, and other unions and progressive organizations everywhere.  We will publicize actions as they develop and we hope many SMCCCD faculty and staff will join us.







CSMers Teeka James (left),                                                    Skyline faculty, Eric Brenner &
Annie Theodos, (Giants hat),                                                 Katharine Harer, in Washington, D. C.
Sara Lawrence (yellow jacket),           
Keira Travis (to right of Sara),
Amy Sobel (bottom right corner),
with relatives and friends

RachelBell-WomensMarch-SF-2017-web  KarenWong&Family-WomensMarch-web





Skyline English teacher Rachel Bell                                        Karen Wong, Skyline, (at right)
(at upper left) and CCSF
instructor                                         with her family
Amy Lawlor (directly in front of Rachel),
who previously taught at Skyline,
with friends


JulieCarey&DaughterVivian-WomensMarch-web     NinaF&Isabella-WomensMarch-web








Julie Carey, Cañada,                                                                     Nina Floro, Skyline,
with daughter, Vivian                                                                   with daughter, Isabella


MichelleK&Mom-WomensMarch-web   KathleenFeinblum-WomensMarch-web Teeka-Monica-WomensMarch-webMichelle Kern (right), CSM,        Kathleen Feinblum,                   Teeka James (left), CSM
with her mom                             Skyline                                     & Monica  Malamud, Cañada