September 2015 Agreement


The parties agree to make changes to the current collective bargaining agreement as highlighted below with strikethroughs and additions of new language:


  1. The medical cap for full time employees shall increase by $50 for single, $75 for 2-party and $100 for family coverage effective January 1, 2015.


The medical reimbursement for Part Time Faculty shall increase as follows:

Fall 2015, Spring 2016 and Fall 2016: reimbursement up to $1000/semester

The District and the AFT will jointly conduct a survey to better understand the needs of part time faculty as it concerns medical benefits. With that in mind, both the District and the AFT are fully committed to transitioning away from the existing medical benefit structure and adopting an enrollment program that will allow part time faculty to participate in a District-sponsored Kaiser plan beginning in 2017.


19.1.2 Seniority lists shall be updated with new names and start dates that are added to the lists. Copies of the list shall be made available to faculty who make such a request. In addition a copy of the seniority lists shall be forwarded to Human Resources by the date of the fall and spring first census and copies shall be made available in the Division Office.

19.1.3 If a break in service exceeds three (3) semesters, then the person’s name is to be removed from the seniority list. If a part time faculty member requests, but is not given, an assignment, it will not constitute a break in service; however, if the faculty member is not given an assignment after requesting it for a period of five six consecutive semesters, the person’s name will be removed from the seniority list.

19.2.3 It is the responsibility of the part-time faculty member to provide information to management to be considered when determining retention and assignment.

When feasible, each College Division will make reasonable efforts to provide part-time faculty with the same or similar faculty load as an assignment of at least the same or similar faculty load as in the previous term if the part-time faculty member has received two (2) consecutive satisfactory evaluations or has been given an assignment for six (6) semesters with no negative evaluations. In any instance in which seniority is not followed, the documented reason shall be provided to the faculty member, and AFT, at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the first day of assignment, if the faculty member requests such documentation within ten (10) working days of receipt of the assignment.

19.2.6 The appropriate administrator will provide all part-time faculty a document to request assignments and loads for each subsequent semester prior to finalization of the class schedule. When feasible, part time faculty members will be notified of their proposed assignments at least ten (10) fifteen (15) working days prior to the beginning of that assignment. If the assignment and load request is denied, the faculty member may submit a written request to the appropriate administrator who shall provide in writing the reasons for the denial.

19.3 BUYING INTO KAISER ANY DISTRICT HEALTH PLAN: Part-time faculty who meet the basic eligibility requirements, and who are not otherwise already covered by the District’s health benefit plan, shall have the right to buy into any of the District’s Health Plans Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.