AFT’s member-driven campaign for our Part-Time Pay Parity Petition was a tremendous success! In just under two weeks, 640 faculty members and supporters signed the petition! AFT members reached out to their colleagues across the district, as well as to education unions, the San Mateo Labor Council, community activists, students and friends of community colleges. We couldn’t have gotten so many signers in such a short time without all of you pitching in!

At the May 13th Board meeting we presented the petition to the Trustees and the Chancellor.  AFT Executive Secretary, Paul Bissember, introduced our AFT presenters, Tim Rottenberg and Annie Corbett, part-time faculty and Contract Action Team team members, who each spoke briefly and eloquently. Tim talked about the motivation to create the petition, and Annie read a few poignant comments from part-time faculty members who attended our Virtual Rally on May Day. The petition was emailed to all of our Board members and Chancellor Claire.



In response to a 2000/2001 mandate, all California Community College districts were asked to determine through the collective bargaining process the definitions, policies and amounts needed to achieve pay parity between part-time and full-time faculty – and almost all districts state-wide except SMCCCD have defined part-time pay parity;

Part-time faculty compose ~70% of the instructional faculty within the SMCCCD and part-time faculty are an essential part of the SMCCCD’s mission and vision, whose well-being is essential to the success of the District as a whole;

Current SMCCCD parity is on average ~60-70% of full-time faculty and SMCCCD part-time instructors are paid significantly less in relation to full-time faculty than their Bay 10 counterparts, and each of our neighboring districts have established part-time faculty pay parity goals, including:

Faculty members of SMCCCD strongly support our union’s proposal to the District to define part-time pay parity in the new contract and to establish parity at 85%.  It is time for our District to follow the 10-year old state mandate to provide equitable compensation to part-time faculty.