October 2017 Advocate: Faculty comments on the contract ratification

Faculty comments on the contract ratification

• Thank you for all of your hard work! I know that you all had our best interests in mind, and although not all of our points were agreed upon by the District, I know that you all did everything you could under the circumstances.
• The District’s Tax Revenue far exceeds this raise. I nearly voted NO. The fact finder did an inadequate job. However, I do feel the Union did their best and thank you for your good work.
• This is a vote against the district, which has the money and yet insists on spending it on more administrators, managers, and supervisors instead of faculty. I think that the union leadership did a great job and I can’t think of what more they could have done.
• Adjunct faculty need to be compensated for the extensive number of hours of class preparation, grading, administrative tasks, frequent student interaction outside of office hours. Adjunct faculty should not have temporary and “tentative” assignments each semester. Where is the equity here?
• I am very proud of all of the hard work done by our UNION!
• Thank you to the negotiating team, especially for your work advocating for adjunct faculty. I’m proud and grateful to be a member of our union.
• I am an adjunct faculty and am pleased especially with the increase in the medical benefits reimbursements from $1,000 to $1500. Thank you!
• Thank you for all your support and for giving us a voice!
• It concerns me that binding arbitration was included in our proposal, endorsed by the fact finding body, but summarily dismissed by the board. I cast my yes vote with reservations.
• I vote “yes” with a sick feeling in my stomach. I know that faculty deserve a better deal and I know the District can afford it. The District’s positions during this contract negotiations have been stingy and disingenuous. I am not naive; I understand how the negotiation process works, but I know a raw deal when I see it. I expect that come election time, when you get board members wanting your endorsement, you will hold their feet to the fire in regards to their refusal to approve binding arbitration. After your contract “forum” earlier this week, I decided that political humiliation might be more powerful than “waiting” for the ideal agreement. Thanks for your work!
• Thank you for your commitment to faculty. The gains you negotiated make a difference in the quality of our lives, allowing us to better serve the students.
• Thank you AFT negotiating team. I believe you have empowered the faculty across our district.