May 2014 Advocate – Survey to Evaluate Deans

Take AFT 1493’s Survey to Evaluate Deans

All faculty members have received a new survey designed by the union that gives instructors the opportunity to evaluate deans.  The survey is anonymous and provides a safe tool for faculty to register their satisfaction, and dissatisfaction, with their managers in specific targeted areas.  We urge you to respond to the survey and to answer the questions as honestly and completely as possible. 

We assure you that no personally identifying information, such as individual narrative responses, will be shared with the administration or the public.  Please note that the union survey is not an official evaluation tool of the administration.

The information from this survey will help the union advocate for improved working conditions for all faculty members.   The results will be tabulated by our parent union, the California Federation of Teachers, and we will share it–in percentage form only–with managers to help clarify areas of strengths and areas that need improvement.  In smaller divisions, we will be extra-cautious to safeguard faculty from being identified.  

Information from the survey may also be useful during contract negotiations and may help us represent faculty when dealing with personnel issues.  If you haven’t already done so, please take the survey today!