On May 1st labor unions across the world are speaking out about the challenges of working people during the COVID pandemic. Your faculty union is inviting you to join our special May Day action: 

A virtual faculty rally on Friday, 5/1, from 2-3pm.  

Zoom link:

Who will be there?

Your faculty union colleagues will be there. Mike Clare, the new Chancellor, and four members of the SMCCD Board of Trustees are joining us, along with San Mateo County elected officials – so far one Supervisor and one mayor have RSVP’d and the local Press has been invited!

Why would I want to join in?

After successfully negotiating the COVID MOU, we’re about to resume bargaining for our long overdue contract.  The first negotiation session is May 1st, right before this rally! The COVID crisis has exacerbated our working conditions – issues around workload, job security for adjunct faculty, academic freedom and more need to be addressed. Our continuous collective pressure and our unity — all of us standing up together — is necessary to influence the decision-makers and to win a fair contract.

What will happen at the rally?

Faculty speakers will address the key issues: compensation & the district budget, part-time pay parity & the economic hardships of part time faculty, workload & and the impact of the COVID crisis on teaching and learning conditions. After each speaker, we’ll invite you to share your experiences and concerns, so bring your talking points!

What do I need to do?

–Wear your Red-for-Ed AFT T-shirt!

–Please download and use the AFT visual for your Zoom background to show our unity! (How to change your zoom virtual background)

–Create your own handmade sign that you can flash on zoom. After each speaker, hold it up!  Some ideas:  Fair Contract Now!  Treat Teachers Fairly! Faculty Working Conditions Are Students’ Learning Conditions! Even better, come up with your own wording for your sign!

–Sign and circulate this petition for Part-time Pay Parity to show the District you support fair compensation for adjunct faculty — 70% of our workforce earning only 60-70% of a full-time salary. Please sign and share with others–full time and part time faculty, students, friends, and community members can sign it. Put it on your social media!  Our goal is 500 signatures before May 12th.