Dec. 2018 Advocate: Solidarity meeting to support Oakland and LA teachers’ unions


Solidarity meeting to support Oakland and LA teachers’ unions set for Dec. 15

The Los Angeles and Oakland teachers’ unions (UTLA and OEA) are currently engaged in difficult contract campaigns and both unions are preparing for possible strikes early next year. To build support for UTLA and OEA, a Mass Solidarity Meeting will be held in Oakland on Saturday Dec. 15 from 11-1pm (location TBA.) The meeting will also build solidarity for all California education unions and organized labor in general for the long-term struggle to fully and progressively fund our schools and social services to serve our communities.

The event is on a Saturday, close to the holidays, but it is crucial to show support for our brother and sister teachers in Oakland and Los Angeles. Alameda, Sacramento, and other nearby educators’ unions are also in tough contract fights. This event is a chance for union members (and community allies) from across the Bay to meet each other and hear about what’s happening. It will be a participatory and family-friendly event.

AFT 1493 members are planning to attend this event. If you are interested in joining, please contact Executive Secretary Paul Bissember at: