CSM Candlelight Vigil – November 23

On Monday evening, November 23, CSM faculty, students and staff organized a candlelight vigil. CSM’s PR website explained that the goal of the event was “to show our support for one another and our solidarity with those working to combat the forces arrayed against public education in California.


“The intention was also to make the sometimes invisible’ employees and students visible to each other and, hopefully, the community at large. This event was a peaceful, supportive get-together to show our care and concern over the budget cuts and subsequent loss of jobs and classes at CSM. The first in a series of activist events leading up to the Sacramento March in March.” Speakers included adjunct instructor and vigil organizer Deb Garfinkle, AFT rep. Elizabeth Terzakis, CSM Academic Senate President Diana Bennett, retired CSM instructor Susan Petit, CSEA President Annette Perot, CSM President Mike Claire, Board members Richard Holober and Dave Mandelkern, Assemblyman Jerry Hill (a CSM alumnus) and numerous other students and staff members.