Contract Mediation Today (October 24)

**Our AFT negotiating team is going into confidential contract mediation this afternoon, so some of the facts below may change. We will let members know as soon as we have any news to share.

Campus Parity Week

In the meantime, this week is the California Federation of Teachers’ #CampusParityWeek. Here are some facts about adjunct working conditions in our District:

✔️As of 2022, 57% of our faculty are classified as “temporary,” meaning they’re part-time or temporary full-time. That means the majority of our faculty have little job stability and often lose hours for reasons unrelated to their performance. “Temporary” faculty include counselors, librarians, coaches, and nurses as well as instructors.

✔️As of 2020, 42% of sections taught in SMCCCD were taught by part-timers.

✔️Currently, SMCCCD part-time instructors are at about 75% parity, meaning that they earn only 75% of what full-timers earn for the same work. (If a full-timer makes $10,000 for teaching a class, an average part-timer teaching the same class gets paid only $7500). In our last contract, our District set a parity goal of 85%—but they have yet to meet it.

✔️Part-time instructors are only paid for class time and office hours. They are not paid for prep and grading.

✔️This August, AFT and the District negotiated a one-year agreement that makes substantial improvements to the District’s part-time healthcare reimbursement program, including increasing the reimbursement amount by 85% from Spring 2023 to Spring 2024; allowing more part-timers to qualify for reimbursement; and increasing reimbursement frequency. In February 2024, AFT will return to the bargaining table to negotiate on what part-timers will receive when the one-year agreement expires. We hope to get an agreement that allows part-timers with a load of at least 40% to enroll in the same healthcare plans our District offers to full-timers, with the same out-of-pocket employee contributions.


Want to strategize about how to improve adjunct working conditions in our District? Join our book club reading Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming the Two-Tier System. All faculty are invited, and you can drop in even if you don’t plan to read the entire book.