April 2016 Advocate: New workload equity proposal

Proposal to quantify and contain workload

AFT’s most noteworthy new contract proposal is for significant changes to Appendix D (Duties and Responsibilities), with the goal of quantifying the workload of faculty, and achieving more equity in the workplace.  We have heard faculty loud and clear about the increasing number of non-instructional tasks that we must complete, the larger number of committees that need faculty representation, the higher demands on accountability that force us to spend time generating reports full of data-crunching and narrative justifications, the constant technology and platform changes that require hours to learn and more hours for conversion and migration to new (and often short-lived) systems, etc.

If you have not heard yet about the proposed changes to Appendix D, you can read about the three-tier system of points for non-classroom professional responsibilities here or ask any member of the AFT 1493 Executive Committee. We are asking faculty members who support this new proposal on workload to sign the petition endorsing the new workload equity contract language.