April 2014 Advocate – Letter to the Advocate


Appreciating the information on unemployment benefits

Thank you for the ongoing helpful information you share with the CSM faculty, particularly the Adjunct community, who may not be included in all messages/events.

I am in my 6th year as an Adjunct at CSM and after I saw your note about filing for unemployment insurance (I think it was late Fall) I filed and received a small payment. Fortunately, I was rehired for the Spring semester, but the EDD check was a nice closure to the year.     

FYI, initially EDD delayed my claim, asked for a phone interview, and when I mentioned the Cervisi decision you had outlined in your message, and the term “adjunct”, they quickly agreed to the claim.

Thank you for sharing the email information that allowed me to pull this all together. Just a thought…might you consider putting a copy of the Cervisi article in the college’s new hire packet for adjuncts so they understand their options from day one?  Just a thought.

Again, thank you for your time and effort!  Have a great 2014! 


Cynthia Erickson, Adjunct Faculty
College of San Mateo
Business and Technology Division