Our contract ratification vote concluded at 5 p.m. Friday, November 17, and the results are in:

94% of voters voted yes to ratify the Tentative Agreement, with 6% voting no and 0% abstaining. 

Overall, 442 members, or 51% of eligible voters, took part in the ratification vote—a significantly higher number than in our previous contract ratification vote in 2021.

Here is the breakdown of votes:

  • YES 94% (416 votes)
  • NO 6% (25 votes)
  • ABSTAIN 0% (1 vote)

Thanks to all the members who participated in the vote, and moreover to all faculty and allies who signed petitions, attended rallies, spoke to the Board, and talked to your colleagues to help us get this TA. Next, the Board of Trustees will vote on November 29th whether to adopt the TA; if so, it will become our next faculty contract.

In solidarity,
The AFT Negotiations Team