Workplace Issues

Workplace issue? Contact your campus grievance chair!

Do you think that something about your assignment, working conditions, or compensation may violate the contract between AFT and the District? Maybe something has changed recently and you’re not sure if your new situation is in keeping with the contract. Maybe you have a sense something isn’t quite right. Or maybe you’re just unsure about the specific contractual article or policy that governs some part of your work.

In any of these cases, you should reach out to your campus grievance chair. Reaching out to the grievance chair does not mean you’re committing to file a grievance. In fact, grievance chairs aim to resolve issues informally if at all possible. They can work together with you and the appropriate administrators to find a solution.

Your campus grievance chairs:

The sooner you contact a grievance chair, the sooner you can find a solution. And if you do decide the best option is to file a formal grievance, you must do so within 30 working days of the time the issue became known to you. For both these reasons, you should contact your grievance chair as soon as you learn of a possible issue.

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