Part-Time Faculty Medical Reimbursement Stipend

This program reimburses employee-incurred health benefit premium costs to all part-time hourly academic employees who complete a 40% or more of a full-time load in the District and meet other eligibility criteria.


  1. Meet all eligibility criteria listed on application.
  2. Complete Part-Time Faculty Medical Reimbursement Application.
  3. Provide proof of medical plan coverage and premium payments, proof must show name, amounts paid and dates. To avoid any delays in processing, HR also asks that you submit sufficient proof to justify the reimbursement amount you are requesting.
  4. Submit requests no later than June 15, 2021.
  5. Submit the application to Human Resources for approval. Please submit your application and supporting documents via e-mail to:
  6. To receive reimbursement through direct deposit please complete the ACH form attached and submit to Victoria Lin in Accounts Payable at

Click here to download the Adjunct (Part-Time) Medical Reimbursement Application form

Click here to download the ACH form to receive Reimbursement through Direct Deposit
(If you already submitted one in the past there is no need to submit  another one. Please note, Payroll Direct Deposit and ACH Direct Deposit are NOT the same.)