Part-Time Faculty Medical Premium Reimbursement—April through June receipts due June 30th

Attention part-timers! Thanks to an agreement negotiated by our union, eligible part-time faculty can now receive up to $1021.41 per month in reimbursement for your healthcare premiums. Also, more part-timers are now eligible. You are eligible for reimbursement if you work at least 40% time within SMCCCD OR if you work 40% time between SMCCD and another community college district or districts.

Reimbursement will also be more frequent so you get your money sooner. However, this means premium receipts are also due more frequently. Receipts for January through March premiums are due March 31st; receipts for April through June premiums are due June 30th. Please see the infographic above for more on how to apply. Then submit online at .

Have more questions or want a walkthrough of the process? Click below to watch our September 27th webinar on Making the Most of the New Part-Time Healthcare Reimbursement.

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