Nominees for AFT 1493 Officer and Delegate Positions

Where two nominees are listed as a pair, with a single bullet point, they are running together as co-officers, and members have the option to cast a vote for the pair.

AFT 1493 members will be able to see photos and bios that nominees have submitted on the ballot when the election opens on April 17, 2024, at 9 a.m. If you are a dues-paying AFT member, you will automatically receive an electronic ballot by email when the election opens.

District-wide officers:

  • AFT 1493 President
    • Tamara Perkins (Film, CSM and Skyline) and Rika Yonemura-Fabian (Sociology, Skyline)
  • AFT 1493 Vice-President
    • Jessica Silver-Sharp (Librarian, Cañada and Skyline)
  • AFT 1493 Secretary
    • Keira Travis (English, CSM)
  • AFT 1493 Treasurer
    • Steve Lehigh (Economics, CSM)

Cañada officers:

  • AFT 1493 Cañada Chapter Chairperson
    • Camille Kaslan (Chemistry, Cañada)
  • AFT 1493 Cañada Executive Committee Member
    • Salumeh Eslamieh (English, Cañada)
  • AFT 1493 Cañada Part-Time Representative
    • Cassie Begley (Dance, Cañada) and John Perez (Communication, Cañada)

CSM officers:

  • AFT 1493 CSM Chapter Chairperson
    • Beth LaRochelle (Dental Assisting, CSM)
  • AFT 1493 CSM Executive Committee Member
    • Teeka James (English, CSM)
  • AFT 1493 CSM Part-Time Representative
    • no nominees accepted nomination for this office

Skyline officers:

  • AFT 1493 Skyline Chapter Chairperson
    • Mick Song (Biology, Skyline)
  • AFT 1493 Skyline Executive Committee Member
    • Jacqueline Escobar (Transfer Counselor, Skyline) and Andrea Fuentes (Instructional Designer, Skyline)
  • AFT 1493 Skyline Part-Time Representative
    • Mays Danfoura (Environmental Science, Skyline)

Delegates to the San Mateo Central Labor Council:

  • Christy Baird (Fire Technology, CSM)
  • Teeka James (English, CSM)
  • Monica Malamud (Spanish, Cañada)
  • Lori Slicton (Anthropology, Skyline)

Delegates to the 2025 Convention of the California Federation of Teachers:

  • Teeka James (English, CSM)
  • Mandy Lucas (Promise Counselor, Skyline)
  • Monica Malamud (Spanish, Cañada)
  • Tamara Perkins (Film, CSM and Skyline)
  • Jessica Silver-Sharp (Librarian, Cañada and CSM)
  • Lori Slicton (Anthropology, Skyline)
  • Mick Song (Biology, Skyline)
  • Rika Yonemura-Fabian (Sociology, Skyline)

Delegates to the 2024 Convention of the American Federation of Teachers:

  • Elaine Francisco (Early Childhood Education, Skyline)
  • Andrea Fuentes (Instructional Designer, Skyline)
  • Monica Malamud (Spanish, Cañada)