AFT Officer and Delegate Nominations Now Open

Nominations are now open for AFT 1493 officers and delegates to serve May 2024 through May 2026. Nominations will remain open through Wednesday, April 10, 2024. See below on who is eligible to run, what positions are open, how to make a nomination, and when elections will take place.


Who is eligible to run

All current AFT 1493 members in good standing are eligible to run for any officer or delegate position. To be a current AFT member in good standing, you must be one of the following:

  1. A part-time or full-time faculty member who currently has an assignment at SMCCCD and is a dues-paying member of AFT 1493.
  2. A full-time faculty member on paid leave from SMCCCD who is a dues-paying member of AFT 1493.
  3. A part-time faculty member who does not currently have an assignment with SMCCCD but appears on an SMCCCD seniority list, signed up as a dues-paying member of AFT 1493, and has not withdrawn from membership.*
  4. A full-time faculty member on unpaid leave from SMCCCD who signed up as a dues-paying member of AFT 1493 and has not withdrawn from membership.*

*For members in categories 3 and 4, our AFT 1493 Constitution states the following:  “Full-time faculty members on unpaid leave and part-time faculty members who are no longer district employees but who remain on the Part-Time seniority list may elect to be members of AFT Local 1493. They shall pay dues at the rate of $1 per month, plus any special assessments required by the CFT; dues are payable in advance for six months at a time.” Individuals in these categories who would like to run for office should nominate themselves or be nominated. Marianne Kaletzky will reach out about logistics of the $1 per month dues.


What positions are open


  • AFT 1493 President
  • AFT 1493 Vice-President
  • AFT 1493 Secretary
  • AFT 1493 Treasurer


  • AFT 1493 Cañada Chapter Chairperson
  • AFT 1493 Cañada Executive Committee Member
  • AFT 1493 Cañada Part-Time Representative


  • AFT 1493 CSM Chapter Chairperson
  • AFT 1493 CSM Executive Committee Member
  • AFT 1493 CSM Part-Time Representative


  • AFT 1493 Skyline Chapter Chairperson
  • AFT 1493 Skyline Executive Committee Member
  • AFT 1493 Skyline Part-Time Representative

Note that, according to our AFT 1493 constitution, each elected position may be held by one or two faculty members (for example, there may be one Vice-President, or two co-Vice-Presidents). If two faculty members wish to share a position, they must run together for this position in the election, and the position (not each faculty member) will have one vote on the Executive Committee.

We are also accepting nominations for the following AFT 1493 delegate positions:

  • Delegates to the San Mateo Central Labor Council delegate (up to 7)
  • Delegates to the 2025 Convention of the California Federation of Teachers (up to 33)
  • Delegates to the 2024 Convention of the American Federation of Teachers (up to 9)


How to make a nomination

You may make a nomination by emailing it to your current Chapter Chair:

Email nominations will close at 2 p.m. on April 10, 2024.

You may also make a nomination by attending the AFT Membership Meeting on April 10, 2024, at 2:30 p.m. You may attend that meeting by Zoom (use Zoom link or in person (Cañada 13-234). Nominations will close after taking nominations from the floor, if any.

Members may nominate themselves or any other AFT member in good standing. Members may make nominations for multiple positions.


More on elections

AFT elections will take place between April 17 and April 30, and new officers will take office at the May 8, 2024 AFT Membership Meeting. We will share more details on election logistics at the April 10th Membership Meeting and by email after that meeting.

This year’s Elections Committee includes AFT members Tammy Calderon (Skyline Cosmetology Instructor), Bianca Rowden-Quince (Skyline Instructional Designer), and Michael Hoffman (Cañada Math Instructor).