September 2020 Advocate: Negotiations Update

Contract Negotiations Update

by Marianne Kaletzky, Executive Secretary

Over the summer, AFT and the District made significant progress on negotiating a multi-year contract. After decades of rejecting AFT’s efforts to quantify the service work of full-time faculty, the District agreed to the union’s proposal for a two-year pilot program in which a points system will be used to set an expectation for service work beyond regular teaching, counseling, and library duties. AFT negotiators are glad that the District recognizes the need to quantify service work, especially given the consistent increases in faculty workloads over recent years.

More recently, a special team composed of three counselors, three counseling deans, one AFT representative, and two District negotiators came to an agreement on a number of issues affecting counselors.

Issues remaining to be settled relate primarily to compensation, including part-time pay parity (an issue on which the District has rejected AFT’s proposal for 85% parity), compensation for full-time faculty, and lab rates.

For more details and updates, see the AFT 1493 Negotiations Updates page.