September 2019 Advocate: New faculty: Welcome!

New faculty: Welcome, we’re here to help

Jessica Silver-Sharp & Katharine Harer

Hello new adjunct faculty

My name is Jessica Silver-Sharp and I’m writing to reach out to those of you recently hired as adjunct faculty. Since our district isn’t in the habit of including part-timers in new faculty orientations, as an adjunct librarian (and your AFT secretary), I can fill you in on adjunct rights, answer questions and hear about your concerns. I’ve worked as an adjunct for several years at Skyline and Cañada and know how it is to begin a new position and/or add a second or even a third. My role also includes informing you of the benefits of AFT membership and getting you up-to-date on the important work AFT is doing on behalf of our almost 1000 faculty. I encourage you to take the step of getting in touch. We’ll find a time and location that’s convenient to meet up, and if you have time, I’ll also brief you on your campus library benefits and library faculty services that are sure to enhance your new position. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Jessica Silver-Sharp, AFT 1493 Secretary,

Hello new full-time faculty

My name is Katharine Harer and I’ve taught in the English Department at Skyline for over thirty years, and I’ve been active in our union for the last twenty years – and counting! I’m our union’s official “Welcome Wagon” for newly hired full-time faculty. I bring new faculty members information and gifts and do my best to answer your questions. We talk about any concerns you might have, and I’ll fill you in about what our union is all about: our ongoing work to advocate for all faculty members, including contract negotiations, as well as our current plans and campaigns. I will be contacting you to set up individual meetings that work for your schedule and mine, so please keep an eye out for an email from me. You can also reach out to me directly at I look forward to meeting you.

– Katharine Harer, AFT 1493 Vice
President & Outreach Organizer