Nov. 2018 Advocate: Our newest Executive Committee member


Meet our newest AFT 1493 Executive Committee member

In the last issue our new AFT 1493 Executive Committee (EC) members, who joined the EC at the end of last Spring semester, introduced themselves. After the beginning of the Fall semester, Michael Hoffman became the new Cañada EC Rep., filling an open position. Below is his introduction. We encourage you to reach out to your AFT reps. if you have any work- or union-related issues or questions. -Ed.

Michael Hoffman
Cañada Executive Committee Rep.

Thank you for accepting me as the Cañada College Executive Committee Rep. I’ve been teaching mathematics in the District since 2007 and involved in programs related to student-success and equity during much of that time. I feel strongly that a healthy, supportive environment for faculty is also good for students and that we must fight to preserve the quality of all public-sector professional jobs, including our own. In particular, I would like for our district to more fully invest in faculty development, reduce workload and better serve part-time faculty.

Politically, I am a socialist who believes working-class people can democratically run society to meet our needs. In order to do that we need to build a movement that rejects racism, sexism and other oppression while pushing for demands that improve our conditions.

Aside from teaching I have two children and try my best to make time for running and music.