May 2021 Advocate: Support for Adjuncts

Adjunct Faculty

New to SMCCD? Support for Part-time Faculty is Available.

My name is Jessica Silver-Sharp and I’m writing to reach out to those of you hired since our campuses closed last March. Since our district doesn’t generally hold orientations for new part-time faculty, I’m available to fill you in on your adjunct rights and benefits, hear about your concerns, and get you up-to-date on the important work AFT is doing on behalf of our approximately 900 faculty union members.

As a part-time faculty librarian at Skyline College for almost 10 years (and your union Secretary), I know how it is to juggle jobs at several campuses. I encourage you to take the step of getting in touch and we’ll find some time that’s convenient to talk or Zoom, Tuesday through Saturday. I can also brief you on your campus library resources and library services for faculty that are sure to enhance your job. You can reach me here:

Reminders for part-time faculty:

• Don’t forget to file for unemployment benefits

As an adjunct, you’re eligible for unemployment compensation benefits during the period between the regular term and summer school and during summer break, unless you are working another job during this time or earning more than your unemployment grant would be. As soon as you give your last final exam this month, contact the Employment Development Department (EDD) office and file a claim, or reactivate the one you have.

When applying, tell them about all your jobs, since  your benefit is based on all your income over the previous year. If an interview is scheduled, when they ask if you currently have a job to go back to, answer: “Not with reasonable assurance. I only have a tentative assignment contingent on enrollment, funding and program needs.” This is important: Do not tell them that you have an assignment for next semester or you will be disqualified. According to the Cervisi decision of the State Court of Appeals (and the Ed. Code), part-timers, as a class, do not have “reasonable assurance” of a job and hence are eligible for benefits between terms. If questioned further, mention the Cervisi case.

For new claims there’s a one-week waiting period before benefits start, so don’t delay. While the EDD has definitely struggled this year, I encourage you not to give up. If you have questions or are denied benefits for any reason, contact Marianne Kaletzky in the AFT office ( as soon as possible and the union will advise you on how to file an appeal. Don’t be reluctant to file. This is your right, not charity!

Deadline for health reimbursement: June 15

Don’t miss the June 15 deadline to apply for your Spring semester reimbursement of up to $1505 for employee-incurred health benefit premium costs if you qualify by working 40% or more of a full-time load for SMCCD. Complete the Part-Time Faculty Medical Reimbursement Application, provide proof of medical plan coverage and premium payments, and submit the application to George Sampior, Jr. (Human Resources) at:

• Flex Day pay issues?

Confused about Flex Days? You’re not alone. Part-time faculty are not obligated to attend. However, if you participated but were not paid, I can assist you with both documents you’ll submit, the Flex Day Reporting Form and the Adjunct faculty timesheet. This paperwork is also due on June 15.

I look forward to hearing from you.  -Jessica <>