In the News: January – March 2014

News articles related to community college faculty issues and SMCCCD, selected from around the county, state and nation and updated regularly.  To receive these articles by email, send a request to be added to the AFT 1493 email list to Dan Kaplan at:

March 19, 2014— College backs off on faculty media silence: Skyline school officials apologize for ‘confusion,’ will reevaluate policy (San Mateo Daily Journal)

March 18, 2014— Democracy For None (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

March 18, 2014— Skyline limits faculty speech (San Mateo Daily Journal)

March 3, 2014— Evaluating Student Success at the City College of San Francisco (Public Policy Institute of California)

February 28, 2014— No new tax for San Mateo County Community College District: Trustees say improved economy means no need for more funds (San Mateo Daily Journal)

February 27, 2014— The Education of Ted Mitchell (Labor’s Edge)

February 22, 2014— Students tell how City College of S.F. has given them hope (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 19, 2014— Proposed law would reform community college accreditation (Los Angeles Times)

February 11, 2014— IRS Suggests ‘Reasonable’ Ways of Calculating Adjuncts’ Hours (Chronicle of Higher Education)

February 11, 2014— Multimillion-dollar CCSF bailout proposed by Sen. Mark Leno (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 7, 2014— City College of San Francisco loses bid to reverse accreditation ruling (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 7, 2014— 3 new CCSF administrators earn more than approved pay rate (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 5, 2014— Administrator Hiring Drove 28% Boom in Higher-Ed Work Force, Report Says (Chronicle of Higher Education)

February 3, 2014— Long Beach City College experiments with tiered pricing (Los Angeles Times)

February 3, 2014— Adjuncts Gain Traction With Congressional Attention (Chronicle of Higher Education)

February 2, 2014— California community colleges could offer bachelor’s degrees (San Francisco Chronicle)

January 31, 2014— What makes a good college? (Los Angeles Times)

January 26, 2014— Critics call for more oversight of California accreditation panel (Los Angeles Times)

January 24, 2014— An ‘Alarming Snapshot’ of Adjunct Labor (Chronicle of Higher Education)

January 24, 2014— Troubled CCSF backs off big administrator raises (Los Angeles Times)

January 22, 2014— California’s higher education leaders pledge more cooperation (Los Angeles Times)

January 15, 2014— College of San Mateo garden demolition plan gets hearing (San Francisco Chronicle)

January 13, 2014— College students must soon meet academic standards to get fee waiver (Los Angeles Times)

January 13, 2014— Overuse and Abuse of Adjunct Faculty Members Threaten Core Academic Values (Chronicle of Higher Education)

January 8, 2014— State budget: Gov. Jerry Brown proposes paying down wall of debt, continues calls for restraint (San Jose Mercury News)

January 2, 2014— Judge blocks CCSF accreditation revocation (San Francisco Chronicle)