Remember to wear your AFT T-shirts every Wednesday until we win a fair contract!

We know that many faculty struggle with inadequate compensation and unfair working conditions, even to the point of considering leaving our District. Our AFT negotiating team has been negotiating for a new faculty contract since May 2022. Yet the District continues to refuse our basic proposals to make our workplace more equitable:

Issue Current AFT proposal Current District proposal
Parental leave 1 month of fully paid parental leave before using sick days/partial pay NO
Dual enrollment Assignments at off-campus locations must be opt-in NO
Remote work All faculty entitled to work up to 50% of hours remote; counselors can take 50% of appointments remote NO
Disability accommodations HR must provide status update
within 30 days of request for accommodation; appeal process available
Academic freedom New contractual article protecting
faculty academic freedom
Part-Timer seniority Apply seniority rules to summer assignments; each PTer entitled to receive average of 3 most recent loads before less senior PTer get load Same or similar load as PTer had in last 3 semesters;
xxSummer: seniority rules do NOT apply

In addition, in December the District proposed below-inflation raises (5% for the first year, 3% for the second year, and 3% for the third year). These “raises” amount to pay cuts for faculty (see AFT analysis of district wage proposal), even as many of us already struggle with the costs of housing, childcare, and basic needs.

Despite the District’s stubbornness, we can win fair compensation and equitable workplaces. To do that, we need to show administrators and each other that we’re committed to getting a fair contract for all. Please demonstrate our union power and commitment by wearing your red AFT shirt tomorrow and every Wednesday until we win. Text pictures of you and your colleagues wearing the shirt (on campus, on Zoom, or wherever!) to Marianne at 650.416.6339.

Need a shirt? Let your campus chair know:

Thank you for all you do!

The AFT Contract Action Team

Wearing your t-shirt motivates your colleagues to take action by showing that none of us is in this alone: together we have the power to win a fair contract. Check out the great photos below of members wearing AFT shirts on our first T-shirt Wednesday of this contract campaign, 12/7/22:

Thank you for all you do to win better working conditions for yourself and your colleagues!





Enough is Enough

  • In our commitment to student equity, faculty have expanded the amount of work we take on to support students.
  • We are asking the District for fair compensation in line with the cost of living in the high-priced Bay Area.
  • The majority of faculty are part-time and do not have a healthcare plan provided by the District.

It’s Time to Act

Every Wednesday—until we get the contract we deserve:

  • Wear your red AFT T-Shirt: in class (in person or on zoom), in meetings, and on campus. Then take a selfie or get a picture and share it with us by texting it to Marianne at 650.416.6339.


“I’ve been a faculty member in the district for 26 years and make less than a starting Dean.”  —FT faculty at CSM

“Closing student equity gaps is labor-intensive for faculty.” —FT faculty at Cañada