Bay 10 Districts’ PT Instructors’ Pay Parity (% of FT Faculty Pay)

PT Instructors’ Pay Parity (% of FT Faculty Pay):
Bay 10 Community College Districts

Marin: 95%
Peralta: 87.5%
CCSF: 86%
Foothill: 83.5%
Mission/West Valley: 82%
Contra Costa: 80%
San Mateo: 74 – 82% (78.5% avg.)
(based on the District’s latest salary offer for 2023-24)
San Jose: 73%
Chabot: 72%
Ohlone: 54 – 70% (64% avg.)

Click on the linked name of any district above to view the salary schedules, contract or other explanation of parity % for that district.

All Bay 10 districts pay PT classroom faculty by load, except San Mateo, Ohlone & Peralta, which still pay by hour. 

All Bay 10 districts pay PT instructors a specific percentage of FT faculty pay, except San Mateo & Ohlone. (San Mateo and Ohlone PT instructor pay rates are not set in relation to FT faculty pay, so the percentage of their PT to FT pay varies depending on step and column.)

SMCCCD has agreed to a “Parity Goal” of 85%, as specified in the faculty contract, Article 8.15.


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