Confidential mediation concluded:
New District proposals available

As you know, AFT’s negotiating team and SMCCCD negotiators have been engaged in a confidential mediation process since January in an effort to come to agreement on our next faculty contract. Mediation concluded on Friday evening without an agreement. After mediation concluded, the District Chief Negotiator sent a set of post-mediation proposals. While we are disappointed that the parties were unable to come to an agreement in mediation, we are glad that the conclusion of mediation means we are once again free to share information about negotiations with all our members.

The current District proposals include:

  • A raise for all faculty of 7% for 2022-2023; 5% for 2023-2024; and 3% for 2024-2025
  • Additional raises for instructional part-timers of 2.5% per year for each of the three years of the contract
  • District contributions to the full-time healthcare premiums equal to 100% of the Kaiser single person rate (currently $914 per month), 88% of the Kaiser two-party rate (currently $1828 per month), and 88% of the Kaiser family rate (currently $2376 per month)
  • A one-year increase in the healthcare stipend available to part-timers working 40% or more to 100% of the Kaiser single person rate, currently $914 per month
  • An MOU on dual enrollment that provides reimbursement for travel between worksites, compensation for travel time for part-time faculty only, and compensation for hours worked beyond SMCCCD contract hours (adjuncts) or days worked beyond 175 days (full-timers)
  • Modified language on Article 12 (Transfers) and Article 20 (FSAs)

The District offer does not include:

  • Any increase in lab rates
  • Any changes to the current parental leave policy
  • Any guarantee that faculty can choose whether to teach dual enrollment courses, or that dual enrollment faculty will be compensated for duties they undertake (ex. meeting with parents, attending school events) beyond standard SMCCCD faculty duties
  • Any guarantee that faculty can work a certain percentage of hours remotely, or that counselors can take Zoom appointments remotely
  • Any language setting forth a clear and timely process for faculty to receive disability accommodations
  • Any contractual process for full-time faculty to submit schedule requests and have their preferences honored where possible
  • Clarity on the load that part-timers are entitled to receive each semester

In addition, the District’s current proposals will not get instructional part-timers to the 85% parity goal they themselves agreed to in our last contract, and do not provide part-timers with the two-party and family coverage for which the California legislature has allocated funding. If the District provided part-timers with these coverage options, they would be eligible to have their costs reimbursed 100% by the state; as it stands, they will only be eligible for 50% reimbursement. While the District has argued that providing part-timers with access to District health plans would require it to provide the same level of contribution towards the premiums of all part-timers, including those with loads below 40%, this is not correct.

Read the District’s first post-mediation proposals:

As AFT negotiators, we wanted to let you know about the District’s first public proposals following mediation as soon as we could. We invite you to send us your thoughts on the proposals by emailing Marianne Kaletzky at or your AFT campus chair. We look forward to working together to secure a strong contract for all.

In unity,

The AFT negotiating team