I heard our contract negotiations were in confidential mediation, but now mediation is over. Where are we and what’s next?

Our union began negotiating with the District for our next contract in May 2022 and entered into a confidential mediation process in December 2022, meaning that we have not been allowed to share information with members over the past 6 months. Earlier this month the two parties left mediation without reaching a tentative agreement (TA) on our next contract. The District has now put some public proposals on the table, which we shared with membership last week.

Now that we have left mediation, we will continue to negotiate. Our next negotiation sessions are scheduled for August 2nd and August 11th. However, now that negotiations are no longer confidential, maintaining close communication with members is our top priority to keep members informed and to help us win the contract we all deserve!

Has AFT agreed to the District Proposals?

No. However, once proposals are made in negotiations, neither party can move further from agreement. For example, the District cannot make a lower salary offer than its most recent public proposal. This is called “regressive bargaining” and is illegal under the Educational Employees Relations Act. See below for the District’s current proposals.

How will AFT negotiators and leadership be engaging with members moving forward?

Your feedback is more important now than ever! We will be soliciting member feedback on the District’s proposals—both those listed below and anything new they put on the table—through short surveys linked in emails like this one. Next week’s message will situate the District’s compensation proposal in the context of the cost of living in the Bay and ask for your opinion on the compensation proposal.

We will also be holding a forum on contract negotiations and current proposals as part of the District Flex Day on 8/14 (on Zoom, time TBA). We look forward to sharing information, answering your questions, and hearing about which contract proposals matter to you.

Issues Covered in the District’s Proposal Issues The District is “NOT INTERESTED” in Negotiating
Pay for All Faculty (except PT instructors) 7%-5%-3% raise schedule for academic years 22-23, 23-24, 24-25. Parental Leave STATUS QUO

New parents must use sick leave or take leave at partial pay.

Pay for PT Instructors 9.5%-7.5%-5.5% raise schedule. Disability Accommodations STATUS QUO

The District maintains that no contract language is necessary and that the accommodations process outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act is sufficient support for faculty with disabilities—bureaucratic delays and all.

Full-Time Medical Benefits District contribution equivalent to a percentage of Kaiser HMO medical plan:

  • 100% of single plan rates
  • 88% of two-person plan rates
  • 88% of family plan rates
Remote Work STATUS QUO

The District maintains the right to require faculty to work 100% in-person, including requiring counselors to be on campus when taking virtual appointments.

Part-Time Medical Benefits For 2023-2024, District reimbursement equal to 100% of the Kaiser single plan rate for part-time faculty with loads of at least 40% within SMCCCD.

For part-timers who work at least a 40% load between multiple districts, the District will reimburse a portion of premium costs.


Lab Faculty Load Credits for science, KAD, art, and music remain at 80% of lecture; other lab rates vary.

Dual Enrollment

I. Additional (non-D1) duties to be disclosed in advance of assignment if practical.

II. Faculty compensated for hours worked beyond contract hours (part-timers) or days worked beyond 175 days (full-timers)

III. Faculty assigned to more than one worksite within a day compensated for travel time (part-timers) or mileage (full-timers) between worksites.

Full-Time Faculty Scheduling STATUS QUO

The District maintains that management has the sole right of determining the nature of faculty assignments.

Adjunct Stability STATUS QUO

Part-time assignment default load is “same or similar” as load worked in the previous semester.


Our next message series will contain AFT’s “deep dive” comparisons between the published District proposals and AFT’s proposals. Each message will have a quick survey on your thoughts about the current District proposal on an issue by issue basis.

For now, let us know your general thoughts, comments, and concerns regarding the current status of negotiations by taking a short survey. Click the “Take Survey” button on the right to begin. Every bit of feedback helps us act strategically to win a fair contract!