May 2019 Advocate: CFT communications awards

AFT 1493 wins 8 CFT communications awards

AFT 1493 won the following 8 statewide communications awards for 2018 at the annual CFT convention on March 22-24:

  • Best Newsletter: The Advocate, Eric Brenner, Editor, 2nd Place
  • Best Website:, Eric Brenner, Website Manager, 2nd Place
  • Best Single Effort: Local organizing in response to Janus v AFSCME, Monica Malamud, Past President; Paul Rueckhaus, President; Katharine Harer, Co-Vice President; Robert Bezemek, Attorney, 2nd Place
  • Best News Writing: “Yosemite Community College District faculty go on 2-Day strike”, Paul Bissember, Executive Secretary, 3rd Place
  • Best Original Art: “Part-Time Faculty Appreciation Celebration”, Michelle Kern, Part-Time Faculty, Creative Arts & Social Services, 3rd Place
  • Best Electronic Newsletter: The Advocate, Eric Brenner, Editor, 3rd Place
  • Best Feature Writing: “Interview with Jane Hundertmark, CFT publications Director”, Katharine Harer, Co-Vice President, Honorable Mention
  • Best Flyer or Poster: “Part-Time Faculty Appreciation Celebration” Flyer, Michelle Kern, SCI Organizer and Part-Time Faculty; Katharine Harer, SCI Organizer, Honorable Mention