December 2019 Advocate: Union-sponsored scholarships available


Union-sponsored scholarships available to AFT members and their dependents

The California Federation of Teachers (CFT) offers scholarships–through the Raoul Teilhet Scholarship program–to high school seniors and college students who are children or dependents of CFT members in good standing. Students enrolled in four-year courses of study are eligible for $3000 scholarships; those enrolled in two-year courses of study are eligible for $1000.

High school seniors’ deadline is December 15

The union is now accepting applications for the 2020 Scholarship Program. For high school seniors, the deadline is December 15, 2019. For continuing college students, the application deadline is June 15, 2020.

Scholarship eligibility

Award selection is based on academic achievement, special talents and skills, participation in extracurricular activities, community service, financial need, and a 500-word essay on a social issue of the applicant’s choice.
Scholarships are awarded for any one year of higher education. Students must be listed as a dependent on their parents’ or guardians’ tax return. Parents or guardians will be asked to have their local union president verify union membership.

Applications and more information

Applying for the Raoul Teilhet Scholarship is now done fully online. For more details and to access the online application, go to:

Robert G. Porter Scholarship Program

The AFT awards four-year $8000 scholarships to four high school seniors who are dependents of AFT members, as well as 10 continuing education grants of $1000 to members. Application deadline: March 31
To learn more, go to

Union Plus Scholarship Program

The AFL-CIO and AFT team up to offer scholarships ranging from $500 to $4000 to members (and their spouses and dependent children) who have one year of continuous union membership. There are also scholarships for graduate students.

Application deadline: January 31. Learn more at