May 9, 2012

San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers, AFT 1493

Minutes of
General Membership/Executive Committee Meeting

May 9, 2012 at Skyline College

EC Members Present:

Lin Bowie, Eric Brenner, Chip Chandler, Victoria Clinton, Dave Danielson, Sandi Raeber Dorsett, Nina Floro, Katharine Harer, Teeka James, Dan Kaplan, Michelle Kern, Yaping Li, Monica Malamud, Lisa Suguitan Melnick, Lucia Olson, Sarah Powers, Joaquin Rivera, Doug Sherman, Anne Stafford, Masao Suzuki, Elizabeth Terzakis, Lezlee Ware, Rebecca Webb

Other Attendees:

Leighton Armitage (CSM), Alayha Fredricks (CFT), Zev Kvitky (CFT Field Rep)

Meeting began: 2:25

Facilitator: Lezlee Ware


1. * Closed Session: Legal Issues Discussion

The EC discussed the pending complaint filed by the District against Dan Kaplan/AFT 1493 and voted unanimously to proceed to arbitration, after having already filed an unfair labor practice charge with PERB.

2. Welcome and Introductions

Statement from AFT (non EC) Members on Non-Agenda Items

A BIG “Thank you” to Joaquin for all of his work as chief negotiator, especially his work done in preparation for fact finding.

* Minutes of April 11, 2012 AFT Meeting

Approved unanimously.

5. 2012-2014 AFT Election Results

AFT 1493 was one of the Guinea pigs for electronic voting. It proved difficult to get results in a timely manner; CFT won’t be using electronic voting again.

Our voter turnout was significantly lower than usual. Teeka made two suggestions for any future electronic voting: faculty should get some sort of confirmation, and voters’ identity must somehow be verified (it was possible to enter an incorrect G# and still be able to vote).

Fact Finding Update

Out negotiating team was exceptionally well prepared for fact finding, yet there was no resolution at the end of the two days. We must still present data to the fact finder regarding part-time salary comparisons.

Some feel that the District’s poor preparation for fact finding indicates a fundamental lack of concern about the negotiations process and about reaching a fair contract.

Joaquin explained that we dropped our demand for strengthening language regarding part-time seniority because it wouldn’t have gained us much. He wants a group of people to work on this for the next contract negotiations.

Joaquin reiterated the need to get ready for the next contract negotiations and keep up the pressure on the District.

* AFT Petition Update and Next Steps

We gathered over 300 signatures on our petition in support of our negotiating team’s efforts to secure a fair contract for faculty. Those present at today’s meeting agreed to try to get 10 more signatures each before final exams are over.

We discussed other possible actions to pressure the District to negotiate a fair contract.

* Grade Submission Deadline Issue (again)

The EC voted unanimously to pass a resolution in conjunction with the District Academic Senate protesting the unreasonably early final grade submission deadline for the fall 2012 semester (final exams end on Wednesday, December 19 – final grades are due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 21).

PERB Settlement Agreement

AFT withdrew its PERB Unfair Labor Practice charge regarding the use of SLO’s in the faculty evaluation process since the new Performance Evaluation Task Force (PETF) will take up the issue as part of its duties.

* Performance Evaluation Task Force Update

Monica expressed concern at having received no communication from the District Academic Senate President regarding the formulation of the Performance Evaluation Task Force. Applications were due April 13 (there were nine applicants), giving the selection committee two weeks to make its choices. She still has not heard back from him.

11. Voting Rights for Part-Timers

Doug distributed, and asked the EC to support, a statement of principle regarding the rights of part-timers to vote in department meetings and other campus/district forums. The statement, which addresses general issues of fairness and equity, arose out of a specific incident at Skyline, in which a dean announced that only full-time faculty could vote on a particular issue at a department meeting.

While all in attendance at today’s AFT meeting support the broader issue of equity for part-time faculty, one member suggested that it is outside the scope of the union to mandate how departments and committees conduct their business, and another expressed concern about part-timers in departments with high part-timer turnover voting on important issues of departmental policy.

Because it was clear that we need more time for discussion at a future meeting, the item was tabled for now. The issues raised highlight the need for us to develop a clear definition of, and position on, parity for part-time faculty.

12. * Appointments for 2012-2014: Negotiations, Grievances, Advocate editor, AFT Reps to College and District Committees (Budget, Professional Development, Distance Ed, District Shared Governance Council)

The following appointments were supported by the EC unanimously:

  • CSM EC Representative:                                           Lin Bowie
  • Chief Negotiator:                                                        Joaquin Rivera
  • Grievance Officer:                                                       Chip Chandler
  • Advocate Editor:                                                         Eric Brenner
  • AFT Representative to District Budget Committee: Masao Suzuki
  • Professional Development Committee
    • CSM:                                                              Lyle Gomes
    • Skyline:                                                           Rick Hough
    • Cañada:                                                           Lisa Palmer & Salumeh Eslamieh
  • Distance Education:                                                    Vacant
  • District Shared Governance Council:                          Vacant

13. * CFT Union Summer School: August 13-17

Dan asked those interested in attending to contact him, but also to note that the Summer School conflicts with our District’s flex days.

AFT 1493 2012-2013 Budget: Creation of a Working Group?

Due to a reduction in legal fees, AFT 1493 is $33,000 in the black.

Those interested in working on the 2012-2013 budget should let Dan know.

Statements from EC Member on Non-Agenda Items.



Meeting adjourned:             5:15

*Action Item