January 20, 2010

San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers, AFT 1493

Minutes of
General Membership/Executive Committee Meeting

January 20, 2010 at Cañada

Present: Eric Brenner, Ron Brown, Chip Chandler, Victoria Clinton, Dave Danielson, Nina Floro, Teeka James, Dan Kaplan, Yaping Li, Monica Malamud, Karen Olesen, Joaquin Rivera, Anne Stafford, Elizabeth Terzakis, Lezlee Ware

Guests: Mike Stanford

Meeting began at 2:30.

Facilitator: Karen Olesen

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Statements from AFT (non-EC) members on Non-Agenda Items

Mike Stanford reported that during discussions about contract negotiations, some faculty at Cañada discussed the possibility of accepting a step freeze (only for faculty earning above a particular salary) if, and only if District administrators agree to roll back their recent salary increases. In addition, they (the faculty members) would want faculty salaries restored to what they would have been when the budget improves.

This same group of faculty also expressed interest in learning more about Foothill’s system of offering financial incentives for faculty doing additional work (these pay increases become permanent). It was noted that Foothill has a higher ratio of full-time faculty to part-time faculty than we do in our District. EC members agree that we need to more about how Foothill’s system works before we can consider it seriously.

3. Ongoing Fight Against the Budget Cuts

Teach-Ins and/or other events – the goals of which are to inform students about the impact of the state budget on higher education in California, and particularly on the Community Colleges, and to lead up to state-wide events on March 4 & 22 – will be held at all three colleges on February 3 & 4. Faculty, staff, administrators and students are encouraged to address budget issues in whatever way they feel is appropriate. Some campus events will focus primarily on the state budget situation while others may target decisions made, and actions taken, by college and District administrators.

We talked about the role AFT should play in the upcoming events and the need to reach out to the media to help us get the word out to the community. AFT’s attorney is currently considering how to advise us regarding involvement and sponsorship of the events.

The EC voted to provide buttons and/or armbands as a symbol of faculty, staff and student solidarity against cuts to Community College education.

4. Additional AFT Meetings Discussion

We talked once more about the possibility of meeting more frequently to relieve some of the pressure on our fully-packed meetings. Though some members believe we could use our existing meeting time more efficiently, most feel that we simply have more business than we can handle in nine 2 & ½ hour meetings per year. At some times in particular, we need to meet more frequently than once a month. Dan pointed out that because the agenda for each meeting is so full, many issues are never discussed among the entire EC, and are instead resolved by a much smaller group.

After discussing a few options, we took a straw poll to determine where the EC stands. (It is important to note that a number of members were not present.)

Yes      No       Abstain

Would attend 1-2 additional meetings per semester:               10        1          2

Would attend 2 meetings per month:                                        6         6          1

Would be willing to experiment with conducting one
meeting completely online:                                                     10        3

Would participate in e-groups regularly:                                 10        3

We did not reach any final decisions.

5. Negotiations Discussion: Closed Session

Joaquin updated the EC on recent negotiation sessions. The District negotiating team has not yet responded to all of our proposals. Joaquin has requested that the District put all of its proposals and counter-proposals to the AFT in writing.

6. Minutes of October 14, November 18, and December 9, 2009 AFT Meetings: Closed Session

Approved pending changes recommended by Joaquin and Monica.

7. Proposed Change in Dan Kaplan’s SEP/IRA Contract Article – Closed Session

Tabled until February, 2010 meeting.

8. Statements from EC Members on Non-Agenda Item


Meeting adjourned:             4:45