Dear colleagues,

Well, we’ve got two teaching weeks left and have been negotiating for a complete calendar year, but we still don’t have a contract! We know how busy everyone is, so we’re going to make it easy for you to keep up with the status of our contract over the summer:

1. Stay Informed

Please watch this short video for an update on our faculty contract negotiations:

2. Stay in the Loop

Please use this form to give us your non-smccd email and cell phone number so we can reach you if need be. Negotiations may move very quickly over the summer, and we may need to get your input on how to move forward. The video explains more about why we really need this information.

3. Touch Base on Tuesdays

We will be sending an AFT Action Update every Tuesday by email to give faculty more information about our contract proposals and developments in negotiations over the summer. We will also post these messages to our Instagram, @aft_1493, and our brand-new Twitter, @aft_1493, so please follow us there.

Finally, don’t forget to wear your t-shirt every Wednesday! — until we win!

In unity,
The AFT Member Communications Team