Nov. 2018 Advocate: Dan Kaplan’s honored at retirement party


Dan Kaplan’s AFT career celebrated at retirement party

Dan Kaplan, longtime AFT Local 1493 Executive Secretary, retired on August 1, 2018, after 24 years as our Local’s staffer. The union celebrated Dan’s union work at a retirement party on October 18 attended by many current and former AFT 1493 members. After numerous attendees spoke in memory and appreciation of Dan’s wonderful work, support and inspiration over the years, Dan expressed his feelings to the group:

“It has been a sincere pleasure to have worked over the years with all of my union activist colleagues, both in AFT Local 1493 and in the CFT. In particular, I want to say that it was a special joy to have participated in the publication of The Advocate, newsletter of AFT 1493, three times each semester, winning many CFT Communications Awards over the years… This has been the most stimulating, challenging, and rewarding job that I have ever had. I am humbled when I realize that not everyone is as fortunate as I was when given the opportunity to do this kind of work… I want to thank both the membership and leadership of the San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers for enabling me to have a career that allows me to say that I have had a life well lived.”

Have a wonderful retirement, Dan! We’ll miss you!

Some partiers mingle





Judy Kirk & John Kirk (longtime AFT 1493 grievance chair and Local leader) with Katharine Harer (current AFT 1493 Vice President)



Ernie Rodriguez (past AFT 1493 President) & Chris Hanzo (longtime AFT 2121 staffer



Teeka James (past AFT 1493 President & current Co-Treasurer) & Katharine Harer








Ernie Rodriguez, Rudy Ramirez (current CSM Part-Timer Rep.) & Paul Bissember (current AFT 1493 Executive Secretary


Eric Brenner (Advocate Editor) with Dan








Dan speaks to group