March 2021 Advocate: Fight cuts at CCSF

union solidarity

Support the fight against major cuts at City College of San Francisco

By Valarie Bachelor, NorCal Lead Organizer, California Federation of Teachers 

As was reported in the last issue of the Advocate, City College of San Francisco’s Board of Trustees recently voted to send layoff notices to 163 Full Time Faculty. These job cuts are hitting departments across the entire system and will put 400-600 Part-Time Faculty in those departments on the chopping block as well. AFT 2121, the CCSF faculty union, is preparing to fight for more city and state funding to help the college get over this hurdle, and hopefully get long term funding. On March 12th union leaders, students and allies participated in virtual and in person actions to call attention to these pink slips. Over 500 people attended their Zoom Press Conference and over 200 people participated in the Art Installation Action near SF City Hall.

Members of AFT 1493, Rika Yonamura-Fabian, Tim Rottenberg, Katharine Harer, Evan Kaiser and Eric Brenner,
attended the rally against CCSF cuts in front of SF City Hall on March 12

Next we are asking folks to help:

1) Attend the April 9th SF City Hall Hearing: (Talking Points)

2) Contact your San Francisco & State representatives to urge them to fund CCSF (Rap and Contact Information and more Talking Points )

3) Record a short video about why you support CCSF here.

Please join us in taking action.