Dear Colleagues,

Back by popular demand!  

Get on your red AFT T-shirt for Workload Wednesday! This coming Wednesday, March 21st, let’s wear our red union shirts to classes, meetings, office hours — wherever you go on campus, show up in your union shirt.  We know our workload is unsustainable — wear the shirt to make a statement and support your union’s efforts to resolve this ongoing problem.

Full time faculty recently received a survey from the Workload Committee, composed of AFT and Senate reps, deans and upper administration.  This committee will make a recommendation to the union and district negotiating teams based on the data they receive from you. Your responses matter. Your worklife matters.

Please fill out the survey by March 26th and urge your colleagues to do the same.  We need your steadfast support in order to be successful in negotiating specific contract language on workload in the next round of bargaining.

See you in your red shirt this Workload Wednesday!

In unity,

Monica, Katharine, and Teeka

President, Vice President, and Secretary | AFT 1493