“Why won’t you direct the District’s negotiating team to agree to provide our deserving part-time faculty the same healthcare benefit that you [Trustees] receive?” Monica Malamud

AFT 1493 President Monica Malamud and several other faculty members addressed the Board of Trustees at their Feb. 22 meeting. Monica asked the Trustees to take a more active role in helping move faculty contract negotiations towards a settlement.  She discussed the proposals for faculty compensation in the context of the district’s strong budget and she also emphasized how the district must not further delay the approval of district-provided healthcare coverage for part-time faculty (which would be funded by the state.)

Four faculty members made public comments on the pressing need of many part-time faculty for district-provided healthcare coverage:

•   “Is it too much to ask the administration to show up for me the way I am showing up for my students and the college district? I ask you to include part time adjunct faculty in the district’s commitment to equity and inclusion by enacting policies that support the health of our college district as a whole. – Tamara Perkins

Skyline College and CSM adjunct film instructor Tamara Perkins’ comments on the urgent need for healthcare for part-time faculty were read by Skyline physics professor Kolo Wamba at the SMCCCD Board of Trustees meeting on 2-22-23.


•   “This college system runs on the efforts and dedication of its part-time faculty. Time and time again our efforts are overlooked and undervalued. Why is our health and well being considered of less value than that of full-time faculty?” – Elizabeth Ingber 

Long-time Skyline College adjunct music instructor Elizabeth Ingber spoke to the Board about the inequity of our district not providing healthcare for part-time faculty.


•   “Every month that negotiations remain stalled equates to thousands of dollars lost by our adjunct colleagues.” – Jessica Silver-Sharp

Jessica Silver-Sharp, Skyline College adjunct librarian and AFT 1493 part-time faculty organizer, reported on how many adjunct faculty have told her how the district’s reimbursement to part-time faculty for health premiums is very inadequate.


•   “Turning down this money is a disservice not only to faculty, but to your students who don’t have access to healthy teachers and to the people of California who prioritized this through their legislature.– Barbara Baer

Barbara Baer, Palomar College faculty member and union co-president explained that her district recently agreed to provide healthcare for part-time faculty according to the state’s guidelines.

Palomar is one of at least 12 districts that have already agreed to part-time faculty healthcare funded by the state under AB 190.

The districts that have already agreed to part-time faculty healthcare funded by the state under AB 190 are: