In our most recent negotiations session on August 24, AFT negotiators put forward a proposed MOU for Fall 2022. Our MOU proposals include common-sense provisions like the right for faculty to pivot to remote delivery if they are ill but feel well enough to work remotely, rather than having to be absent and hope a sub is available. These provisions aim to ensure student learning is able to continue despite disruptions that are likely due to Covid. Unfortunately, the District’s representatives refused to even negotiate over our proposals for a Fall 2022 MOU, claiming that we are back to status quo, so no MOU is necessary.

In addition, the District refused to show any movement on our proposals for: a month of fully paid parental leave, stronger reappointment rights for part-timers, and a clear timeline and process for faculty with disabilities to obtain reasonable accommodations. These proposals aim to allow faculty to better support our students, and we are disappointed that the District is currently refusing to work towards an agreement on them. Read the full report on our most recent negotiations session here.

At the 8/24 Board of Trustees meeting, which took place just after our negotiations, AFT Vice-President Katharine Harer spoke on the necessity of a Fall MOU given the continuing requirement for faculty who test positive for Covid to isolate, as well as the need for clear District processes and guidelines around Covid. Watch Katharine’s statement below.

AFT members also spoke at the 8/24 Board meeting during Public Comments to express the need for a reasonable Board Policy on cancelling classes for low enrollment. They thanked the District for lowering the Fall 2022 minimum to 10 students (rather than the usual 20) and asked the Board to agendize class cancellation policies so that students, faculty, staff, and administrators can work together to create a revised policy that grows our District’s enrollments and, most importantly, puts students first. Speakers included:

  • Sarah Mangin-Hinkley (CSM English), who explained why lower class minimums are necessary to fulfill our District’s commitments to our students and community.
  • David Laderman (CSM Film), who discussed why a later timeline for cancellation, codified in Board Policy, would give courses time to fill and better serve our students.
  • Vera Quijano (Cañada KAD) also spoke to express her appreciation for the new Adjunct Instructional Salary Schedule, agreed on in AFT’s last contract and implemented this fall, which recognizes adjunct instructors’ education in their pay and offers all the steps to recognize experience that the full-time salary schedule does.

Watch our faculty speakers’ Public Comments below:

We as faculty will continue to work together to win a fair contract and shape policies that offer an equitable working environment for faculty and the best possible learning environment for students. Want to get more involved in our campaign? Join our Contract Action Team by attending our CAT meeting Friday, September 9 from 3:30 to 5 p.m. at this Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7052173089

All AFT members are welcome, even if you’ve never been involved with CAT before. Looking forward to seeing you!