December 2021 Advocate: Join a conversation with Trustee John Pimentel

Board of Trustees

Join a conversation between faculty and Trustee John Pimentel on December 9

You are invited to: A Conversation with SMCCCD Trustee, John Pimentel, hosted by AFT 1493

Dear Colleagues,

A little over a year ago in November 2020, two new trustees, John Pimentel and Lisa Petrides, were elected to serve on our SMCCCD board. Since then, AFT has worked with John and Lisa on contract issues and a variety of faculty concerns. We’ve found both trustees to be eager to learn more about faculty needs and working conditions.

Recently, John Pimentel reached out to AFT and suggested that we host a conversation on Zoom with him, an unstructured hour where he can learn more about faculty and we can learn more about him. He’ll answer our questions and carry out a dialogue with us, and he’ll ask some questions too. There won’t be a formal presentation, just back and forth conversation, facilitated by one of us from AFT.

John Pimentel

Our trustees play an essential role in making policy for our college district, and their decisions impact faculty, staff and students’ daily lives. The more they know and understand about the working lives of faculty, the more prepared they’ll be to advocate for our needs.

Please plan to join us for this conversation with John Pimentel on Thursday, December 9th, from 4-5 p.m. on Zoom. Please be sure to RSVP by registering at this link. You will receive the Zoom information after you register.

We hope to see you there —

Katharine Harer
AFT 1493 Co-Vice President and Chair of AFT 1493’s Committee on Political Education (COPE)