December 2013 Advocate – Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: “A lovely time” at anniversary party

Dear AFT 1493 Advocate,

Just wanted to say I had a really lovely time at the AFT 50th birthday party.  I could only stay till about 5:30, but while I was there, I found myself gently engulfed by a big-hearted feeling.  There was no robust fire burning in some hearth–but it felt like there was.  A classy jazz combo (CSM’s, thanks to Mike Galisatus, who was present) played pitch-perfect behind all the animated chatter.  Scrumptious edible delicacies, smooth wine, welcoming oversized plush cushions: it was refreshingly elegant, yet warm and earthy.  I didn’t know too many people, but found it no coincidence that I found myself huddled with colleagues especially dear to me:  Amy Sobel, Teeka James and Anne Stafford.  We were hired around the same time (long ago, but not too long!), and used to make little precious coffee outings together.  This felt like a too-fleeting reunion.  Then, Nina Floro and Kathleen Feinblum ended up joining us, and it was a treat to meet them.  A short while later, our fantastic Dean, Sandra Comerford, arrived, spiking our mix in the way only she can.  I remember looking over and seeing CSM President Mike Claire at one end of the room, Chancellor Ron Galatolo at another end, both heatedly enjoying themselves in conversation.  Somehow it was all very “union,” in the best and truest sense of what the union–any union–should be about.  As ours is.  I came away realizing that I made sure to attend this party, not only to say happy birthday, but to say thank you to our union, for all you (we) do.

David Laderman, Academic Senate President, Professor of Film, College of San Mateo