April 2016 Advocate: Letter to the Advocate


“Being top heavy will come back to bite you”

I thank you for being our ‘town crier’, bringing news of what is going on in our muddled little world!  IMHO, I’m hoping the district doesn’t go the way of City College.  Being top heavy in administrators often will come back to bite you in the posterior. When I worked at UC as an admission officer, it was always the same story. Administration gets the raises, staff gets more work and we had to beg for a 3% increase.

I was reviewing the new job positions just posted, and Program Coordinators abound.  Perhaps if our division had a PC, I wouldn’t have to spend time on those damn AP documents anymore, or SLOs, or Tracdat.  I’d be able to spend my precious time with my students.

I read The Advocate from cover to cover and will continue to do so.

Best, Rosie Bell, Skyline, History