FACT: Gov. Newsom and the CA legislature have allocated $200 million per year in ongoing funding to pay for healthcare for community college adjunct faculty.

FACT: Community college districts that provide adjunct faculty with quality, affordable health coverage can get their costs reimbursed up to 100% by the state.

FACT: SMCCCD adjunct faculty currently have NO access to District-provided health plans unless they pay the entire cost themselves.

Adjunct faculty are the only employee group in our District who are categorically excluded from employer-provided healthcare. Classified and maintenance staff who work at least 50% time can sign up for SMCCCD plans and have the majority of their premiums paid by the District. Even our Trustees, who are not District employees, can get the same healthcare plans as full-time faculty, with most of the premiums paid by the District.







When all employees can get access to healthcare, everyone in our community benefits—especially our students. Faculty who have adequate health plans can focus on delivering quality education rather than worrying about forgoing care or dealing with bills we can’t afford. Providing healthcare to adjuncts is the right thing to do, and with the state offering substantial funding, NOW is the right time to do it.

“Everyone has the right to…medical care.” 

(UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 25)

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