May 2016 Advocate: New AFT 1493 leaders elected


New AFT 1493 leaders elected

AFT Local 1493 has just concluded its elections to determine its officers and Executive Committee members for the next two academic years, 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Monica Malamud was elected to serve as the President of AFT 1493, with Joaquin Rivera and Katharine Harer serving as the Local’s Co-Vice Presidents.

Teeka James was elected the Local’s Secretary, with Anne Stafford elected as the Local’s Treasurer.

Paul Naas was elected to serve as the new Chapter Chair at Cañada College. Michelle Kern was elected to be the new Chapter Chair at CSM. And Rob Williams and Paul Rueckhaus were elected to serve as the Chapter Co-Chairs at Skyline.

Leighton Armitage was elected to be the new Part-Timer Representative at CSM. Jessica Silver-Sharp and Meegan Rivera were elected to serve as the new Part-Timer Co-Reps at Skyline College. There is still an opening at Cañada College for a Part-Time Representative, although there were a number of write-in votes received for this position. The new EC will have to decide who will be appointed to fill this position.

The elected Cañada Executive Committee Co-Representatives are Salumeh Eslamieh and Doniella Maher. The elected CSM Executive Committee Co-Reps are Sandi Raeber and Shaye Zahedi. And the elected Executive Committee Co-Reps at Skyline College are now Nina Floro and Janice Sapigao.

Additionally, the Local’s election determined who the delegates to the next Conventions of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are.  The AFT Local 1493 delegates to the San Mateo Labor Council were also determined by this recent vote of the AFT 1493 membership. The names of all of these elected delegates can be found here.

The new AFT 1493 Officers and Executive Committee members began their term of office at the May 11 AFT meeting.

The Local holds meetings usually on the second Wednesday of each month during the academic year, with meetings rotating on all three of the colleges in the District.  The agenda for each meeting is sent out electronically to all faculty a week before the meeting takes place, and all faculty are encouraged to attend and make their voices heard.