February 2015 Advocate – Repeatability restrictions hurt CTE programs

Skyline Auto Tech program supports repeatability for CTE courses

In the December 2014 issue of the Advocate, we published an article from the Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers that discussed the destructive effects repeatability regulations are having on community college programs and students around the state. Subsequently, the Skyline College Automotive Advisory Board sent us the following letter on how these same regulations are hurting their program.

The Skyline College Automotive Technology Advisory Board is concerned about the inability of our technicians to repeat automotive classes.  The lack of repeatability is having a negative impact on our industry because we rely on Skyline College to provide current and relevant information to our technicians.

The content of the courses offered at Skyline College is constantly being updated to address the changes taking place in the industry.  Our technicians should not be blocked from repeating courses. The department should not have to submit new course offerings every few years so our technicians can take a similar class with a new name and number.

In summary, the Advisory Board supports course repeatability for Career Technical Education courses.  It is of benefit to the automotive repair industry to have automotive programs that conduct training that is on the leading edge of technology.

The Skyline College Automotive Technology Advisory Board has read and recommends changes to course repeatability and asks that these changes be implemented by the State of California Chancellor’s Office as soon as possible.

Skyline College Automotive Advisory Board